The right career, The wrong shoe!

Every shoe has a personality and a message! If you're starting your professional career, or you've got an array of shoes, it's not always easy to tell what's the right shoe for the office. It's just as hard for someone with so many shoes to confuse selection with being selective. Forget the commercials, this isn't a pose! Comfort, style, and sophistication is the magic to endure 8 hours at the office without breaking a sweat, but most often you'll brag about how you've nailed one of the 3. Regardless your shoe preference, there are ways to eye the perfect shoe before even grabbing it. Stilettos, platforms, or even flat shoes, here's what we believe is the trinity of all shoes! Stilettos - Style, Comfort, Sophistication Class, chic, clean, and just the right amount of style! You can get away with almost any colour and any design!  it's the obvious choice for any office, but stilettos are also very sneaky; it will feel spacious at the store, but wait 2 hours and you're feeling the pulsating sensation of your blood circulation. Be the pro when you walk into the store and find a stiletto where the front is lengthy not short. This gives room for your toes to slip in and adjust as  you move around in the day. A tell sign is too much toe cleavage usually means the stiletto is short and narrow. For the newbies, make sure your heel is between 3" to 3.5"( unless you're the queen of high heels). This is ideal to give your heel more weight than in the front. As you sit, the arch of your foot is not as compressed and you won't be that girl that's barefoot at her desk. Images from 71908_101616409908985_100001818787195_8900_3442242_nimg-thingSophia webster-01Sophia2-01Sohpia3-01 Platforms - Comfort, Sophistication, Style What's usually great about platform is the cushion you get in the front and the elevation without the aggressive arched. It's easy to go unprofessional with open toe platforms and the design might be inappropriate. Stick to a clean stiletto with a medium to low platform in the front and keep the colours cool with nudes and a spot of colour. platform-stiletto-party-heel-court-shoes-nude-p586-5587_imageeurope-style-leather-closed-toe-pumps-nude-platform-stiletto-heel-evening-shoes-for-women-1_20140513161747_650x650pxCheap-Christian-Louboutin-Bibi-140mm-Black-Pumps-Suede-34_5Christian-Louboutin-Bianca-140mm-Pumps-Black-Red-Sole-Shoes-354_1 Flats - Sophistication, Style, Comfort It's a safe bet you'll be be comfortable, maybe too much! With flats at work, it's all in the details to elevate your outfit in any setting. Warm colours are great and the more detail the more it lifts your foot. Go nuts and this will take your flat foot to new heights! Size-35-39-Fashion-Transparent-Shoes-Heels-Nude-Black-Slingback-Heels-Pointed-Bow-Pumps-Toe-Stiletto ZERAH_62_RG_324 largeNew-Rivet-Single-Pointed-Shoes-Flat-Women-Shoes-Lady-Fashion-Casual-Designer-Shoe-Modern-Stylish-LadiesNew-comfortable-Europe-and-America-Flat-Women-s-Shoes-Lady-Fashion-Casual-Designer-Shoes-Modern-Stylish Now, all you need is the right protection.  Happy Shopping xxx

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