Are your shoes hungover?

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.15.36 PM It's that time of the week when you're stilettos get put away but your sandals come out to play. You call your girlfriends over, you pop open a bottle before heading out and the night is looking good, in fact, you're looking on point from head to heels. You may have just bought those sexy heels, or you're finally getting that chance to wear them out and pray to whoever that they'll last the night, let alone STAY on the whole night! It may sound taboo, but do any of us girls sit and admit that our shoes get more action than we do? We've all been there when we look for the shoes we last went clubbing with and popped the questions "what the..didn't I just buy these?" "What is that?"  "How did that even happen?" You're shoes look like they survived an apocalypse. So.. what happened last night? The memories we try and escape are now out in the open from the spilled shot glasses to the tipped over champagne glass, that guy who stepped on your new shoes, stepping over broken glasses, walking drunk to your car while your heel slips into the cracks of the street. scraping your shoe to the sides of the counter where you order your 3 AM hotdog. throwing your heels on the car mat of the car while you snooze off. You're pride in your new heels have gone out the door as you stare down at your shoes the morning after. You look at it like looking at your friend who's getting over a hang over and you care for it, but some drunken nights just have too many regrets you can't erase. The next time you're out shopping you consider replacing your amazing pair of shoe and you tell yourself that this time it'll be different, and you'll do things differently, and you can by following the link below! To all the happy drunken nights! This post is inspired by the Shoetsy Sandal Protector a protection dedicated to sandal heels in clubs and the ladies that wear them. find more custom shoe protection at SHOETSY

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