Are your shoes breaking up with you?

IMG_20150528_111200 Are you really surprised? What have you done to deserve it? You have a closet dedicated towards your impeccable taste, you bought shoes that tell the people around you who you are, you have perfectly matching outfits to make you shine from head to toe, and you even have certain occasions dedicated for them. When that eventful day comes to get those shoes out, it checked out. No warning, your shoes are unrecognizable and all the flaws of your committed relationship bare out in scuff marks, tears, and stains for all to see. Would you bear the embarrassment of being in public together? What would people think? No, instead,  you jump to your laptop to look for another perfect fit to take the pain away from your sudden break up! You scream out to social media about your heartache hoping to find comfort and you get the age old "it happens to all of us". Do you even wonder what had happened? or think that maybe it was you? Yes, of course it was you! You recount the so little times you went out and the incidents that came up.  you've been through this enough times and still  wish this cycle of love and hate relationship with your shoes could end once and for all.  If only that empty space in your closet can always be filled with positive relationships where every shoe stood tall and proud and eager to be taken out. But what could make your shoe stay clean for all eternity. Is that even possible? If there was such a thing as a shoe protector, how would your next relationship be? Perfect, right?  Worthy of  splurging on even the most daring and expensive pairs without a fear of losing your invested time and money! It's the kind of relationship that makes you a better you. The end of bad dates is now just one click away! This post is dedicated to all the bad shoe break-ups .



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