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Flat Shoes Fall Flat

Girls, we all know that shoes are the best investment to make an outfit. Flat shoes are trending for casual wardrobe, and for semi casual outfits. Let's face it, flat shoes tend to fall flat much sooner than any other shoe. We tend to ignore the signs of wear because we're just not ready to deal, I mean, common! We just both those gorgeous flats last month! How many times, have we witnessed a fellow flat-walker strutting her stuff with a worse for wear flat. You know you saw the back end agonizingly scraping the asphalt streets, the loose fabric hanging over on the sides. Our feet are not perfectly made to fit in those symmetrical flats. There are ways...

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Are your shoes breaking up with you?

Are you really surprised? What have you done to deserve it? You have a closet dedicated towards your impeccable taste, you bought shoes that tell the people around you who you are, you have perfectly matching outfits to make you shine from head to toe, and you even have certain occasions dedicated for them. When that eventful day comes to get those shoes out, it checked out. No warning, your shoes are unrecognizable and all the flaws of your committed relationship bare out in scuff marks, tears, and stains for all to see. Would you bear the embarrassment of being in public together? What would people think? No, instead,  you jump to your laptop to look for another perfect fit to...

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